restored treasures

Bo Swofford of Restored Dwellings took an old prefab building which had obviously seen its better days and turned it into the cutest little garden shed/playhouse you have ever seen. Most people would have just torn it down and replaced it with another prefab, but Bo had a better (and less expensive) plan.

He added the front porch, installed and painted siding, added a tin roof, and built shelving inside. He even ran electrical wiring where before the shed did not have lighting.

He also cleared my overgrown backyard and built an arbor and a decorative wooden fence with a gate. My neighbor was so envious, she asked Bo to build her a fence and gate just like mine.

In my living room, I had a blank wall to work with. I had a cherished antique fireplace surround which had come out of my grandmother’s house.  I leaned it up against the blank wall and said, “Bo, build me a wall around this old fireplace surround.”

The above AFTER picture is what he came up with!  He exceeded my expectations. 

I highly recommend Bo for similar restoration projects.  He has the vision and skill to restore beauty from ashes.


Beverly S
Marietta, Georgia